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reflecting art through coffee & Culture

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Located in Kolkata, Artsy is a first of its kind space that merges the worlds of gastronomy, coffee and art.


Artsy opened in November 2017 and is located on AJC Bose Road, opposite Minto Park.

Artsy is a place for mindful contemplation and meaningful conversation. Immersed in experiences of art and culture, you feel an urge to let your right brain take over. The space we intend to create is a cultivator of - free thought, cultural integration as well as an area of intellectual stimulus.

Through art, we promote an added dimension in thought, making you think about all that matters, and sometimes enjoy the aesthetics of what’s presented. Oh yes, we also have some amazing food and beverages. Being artsy makes you hungry!.



(033) 4008-2427



230B AJC Bose Road
Opp. Minto Park
Kolkata - 20.



Everyday 9am–9pm

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Artist of the month

Artsy - Coffee & Culture was started to give it's city a cultural and artistic outlet as well as further the efforts of all those who chose the arts as their passion. Keeping in line with that effort, we are happy to announce that our walls are now open to all of those who wish to showcase and sell their work. One must apply with their work and intention to display, at our end we shortlist an artist with the help of an experienced professional. We display each selected Artist of the Month for the period of 30 days at the least. We also help them organise an open house to talk about their work. Leave your details below with a link to your work in order to apply. The subject of the email should be "Application for AOM".

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